Geolocation: Auto language, currency, tax & shipping

Version: 1.2.1
Compatible with: 1.6.x - 8.x, PrestaShop Edition
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Introduce PrestaShop location detection module
Introduce PrestaShop location detection module
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Location switching button
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Experience seamless geo-targeting with our PrestaShop Geolocation module. Detect customer location, auto change language, currency, taxes, and calculate shipping costs. The ultimate GeoIP solution for your PrestaShop online store!

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Let's bring to your clients from all over the world the convenience and make them feel comfortable by welcoming them with their local language and currency, allowing them to see the correct taxes and shipping costs according to their place just when they land on your website!


Auto change language, currency, tax, and shipping cost

With Geolocation – an excellent PrestaShop location detection module, your site will automatically recognize your clients' language and currency as well as automatically calculate taxes and shipping costs according to the customer’s location.

This module also allows you to define custom rules that will be applied to customers from specific countries (redirect them to a specific language or currency, block them from accessing the website, etc.).


Location switching button

You can allow visitors to select their location using a location-switching button like what you see on the Amazon marketplace. Once the new location is set, the store will automatically redirect customers to their language and currency as well as recalculate taxes and shipping costs according to the new location that the customer selected.


Statistics dashboard

Our PrestaShop location detection module comes with a visitor map and statistical charts to help you keep track of the number and the percentage of visitors from each country.



The Geolocation module helps simplify PrestaShop Geolocation installation process. You don't need to manually download Geodatabase, mapping country, language, or currency. With 1 click of a computer mouse, Geolocation will do everything automatically for you.

Geolocation is the only module that automatically calculates shipping costs and taxes for PrestaShop based on customer location while other competitors only support auto-detected language and currency.



This module does not assist in displaying prices on Google Shopping according to the customer´s language or IP. It is not designed for Google Shopping, and it has no effect on Google Shopping prices. The pricing on Google Shopping is handled by PrestaShop software in general.

The module is designed for end-users and does not affect your Google search result ranking.

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  • Visitor map shows the number of website visitors from each country and the percentage of visitors from each country.
  • 3 types of total visit charts:
    • Pie chart shows the number of visitors from each country and the total number of visitors;
    • Line chart and bar chart showing how the number of visitors from each country changes during a time range;


Geolocation settings

  • Option to enable/disable Geolocation;
  • Set up the default language, default currency, and default country for your website;
  • Option to auto-calculate the shipping cost and tax;
  • Option to ignore search engine bots (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) so they won’t redirect to another URL;
  • Option to only auto-set language, currency, tax, and shipping cost when a customer lands on the home page;
  • Option to ask customers for confirmation before changing language and currency;
  • Option to enable location switching button;
  • Preselect the country on the address registration page;


Geolocation rules

  • Add, edit, and delete Geolocation rules;
  • Option to enable/disable a rule;
  • Select countries to apply the rule;
  • Disable Geolocation for selected countries;
  • Set language and currency for selected countries;
  • Block all users from the selected countries;
  • Set priority for the rule;


Message management

You can edit the content of the following notification messages:

  • Confirmation message before changing both language and currency;
  • Confirmation message before changing language only;
  • Confirmation message before changing currency only;
  • Setting language and currency notification message;
  • Message displayed on "Choose your location" popup;
  • Message displayed when a user is blocked;



Set up a cronjob on your server to automatically update the GeoLiteCity IP database or run the cronjob manually.



  • Support multi-shop mode;
  • Support multi-language;
  • Quick access menu on back office;

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  • Premium download: besides installing the modules using PrestaHero Connect, you can open "My account > My downloads" page at PrestaHero and download your purchased modules.
  • Free download: you can download the installation package directly on the module details page at PrestaHero.

Version 1.2.1

  • Module improvements

Version 1.1.9

  • New feature: Automatically update GeoIP database via cronjob

Version 1.1.7

  • Module improvements

Version 1.1.6

  • New option for GEO Location rule: Hide product when a customer is blocked by rule

Version 1.1.4

  • Compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop

Version 1.1.2

  • Minor improvements