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Speed & Performance

See how to make your PrestaShop shop faster and more efficient

3 seconds: this is the maximum amount of time it takes a customer to leave a site when a page does not load. Optimize your store’s speed to improve your user experience and transformation rate! Cache, cleaning, image optimization, etc. All ways to speed up your page load times!

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Introduce PrestaShop speed optimization module

Super Speed - Incredibly fast - WebP, Cache & SEO


Maximize page speed, Google PageSpeed optimization, WebP & TinyPNG image compressor, and improve SEO. Page cache optimization, database optimization, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP, and more!

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Introduce PrestaShop page cache module

Page Cache Pro - Page Speed & SEO optimization


Boost page speed, optimize server resources & improve SEO ranking with page cache and other caching technologies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP compression & system analytics. Page Cache Pro guarantees to make your website faster than ever!

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Redis Cache

Redis Cache


Boost your PrestaShop site's speed with Redis Cache. Free module for easy cache management. Optimize performance effortlessly.

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PLEASE WAIT – Loading progress indicator module

PLEASE WAIT – Loading progress indicator module

  • PrestaShop loading progress indicator module enables you to add a unique customized and dynamic progress indicator
  • Have your website displayed nicely when it's still in the loading process and the page content has not been fully loaded
  • 11 beautiful types of CSS3/HTML loading icons for your choices
  • Custom color capacity
  • Quick install and easy to use
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