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Add unlimited extra product info tabs to the product detail page to give additional product information to your customers. You are free to add multiple types of content such as text, video, image, etc. using a rich text editor.

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Catégorie:  Additional Information & Product Tab

By default, PrestaShop only has a general product details tab that sometimes falls short to display all the information we want to give potential buyers, and this information is often essential.

Extra Product Info Tabs” extends PrestaShop to allow store owners to add custom extra tabs to products. The extra tabs are displayed on the product detail pages and to the right of the default “Product details” tab. Extra tabs can be easily added, deleted and arranged.

Why you should choose our Extra Product Info Tabs module?

• You can add an unlimited number of tabs to any product detail page
• Use the rich text editor to add any type of information to the extra tab (text, images, videos, etc.) and give different styles to the content
• Customize tab content for each product or assign a default content to all products
• Support multi-store and multi-language mode

  • IE10+ / Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
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ExtraProductTabs-UserGuide-EN (1.03M)

Documentation for Extra Product Info Tabs module

  • Add an unlimited number of extra tabs to any product detail page.
  • Rich text editor in extra tabs allows you to add images, videos, etc. and give different styles to the content.
  • Sort the position of the created tabs by drag and drop
  • Add a global tab that will be displayed on all products or customize tab content for each product
  • Multi-language support for the extra tabs created

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