GEO Location: Detect and set language, currency, tax & shipping automatically

Prestashop 1.6.x, 1.7.x
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    Auto detect and redirect customer to their language and currency, auto setup correct taxes and calculate shipping cost base on customer’s location.

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    Category:  International & Localization

    A global PrestaShop store may need a bit more attention than a locally functioning store. This is because a global store has to have some extra features to support its sales. One such feature is customer location detection to change the currency, identify the tax percentages, shipping charges etc. for the purchases. For this task, a location detection module for PrestaShop is just what your store needs. And the good news is, we have one ready for you. GEO Country is a location detection module for PrestaShop with many useful features that can be installed and enabled for your store. It can

    • Auto-detect customer location
    • Auto setup correct taxes and calculate shipping cost
    • Auto install GeoIP feature
    • Allow customers to make changes to the country
    • Pre-select country at registration

    Auto-detect customer location, setup  correct taxes and calculate shipping cost based on customer’s location

    With Geolocation – an excellent location, language, currency, tax and shipping cost detection module for PrestaShop, your site will automatically recognize your clients' language and currency as well as automatically calculate taxes and shipping cost according to customer’s location. This module also allows you to define custom rules that will be applied for customer from specific countries (redirect them to a specific language or currency, block them from accessing the website, etc.)

    Auto install PrestaShop GeoIP

    The GEO Country module is a direct download PrestaShop GeoIP module which can be installed in one click just as any other standard PrestaShop modules. After the module is installed, it will automatically add GeoIP database to your website and enable the Geolocation by IP feature so that you don’t have to go to complex means to add it to your website like downloading and uploading the database separately. Therefore this module reduces your workload and saves time for you for other tasks.

    Other features of GEO country (location detection module for PrestaShop)

    In addition to the above-described features, the module lets the customer do customer changes to the detected country any time they want. This is facilitated in case if a wrong country is detected by the module. The module is completely compatible with all PrestaShop websites having PrestaShop versions 1.5 and 1.6. A customer can also preselect the country from the registration form when they register for the first time.  This is the best location detection module for PrestaShop that can help you increase your sales and customers when installing if you have a globally functioning PrestaShop store. Don’t hesitate to purchase this module and enjoy its features.

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    1. Statistic

    - Visitor map shows the number of website visitors from each country and the percentage of visitors from each country

    - 3 types of total visit charts:

    • Pie chart shows the number of visitors from each country and the total number of visitors
    • Line chart and bar chart show how the number of visitors from each country changes during a time range

    2. Geolocation settings

    • Option to enable/disable Geolocation
    • Set up default language, default currency and default country for your website
    • Option to auto calculate shipping cost and tax
    • Option to ignore search engine bots (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) so they won’t redirect to another URL.
    • Option to only auto-set language, currency, tax and shipping cost when a customer lands on home page
    • Option to ask customer for confirmation before changing language and currency
    • Option to enable location switching button
    • Preselect country on the address registration page

    3. Geolocation rules

    • Add, edit and delete Geolocation rules
    • Option to enable/disable rule
    • Select countries to apply rule
    • Disable Geolocation for selected countries
    • Set language and currency for selected countries
    • Block all users from the selected countries
    • Set priority for rule

    4. Message management

    • You can edit content of the following notification messages:
    • Confirmation message before changing both language and currency
    • Confirmation message before changing language only
    • Confirmation message before changing currency only
    • Setting language and currency notification message
    • Message displayed on "Choose your location" popup
    • Message displayed when a user is blocked

    5. Other

    • Support multi-shop mode
    • Support multi-language
    • Quick access menu on back office


    GEO Location module is not compatible with CDN server. If your PrestaShop website is using CDN, it will affect our GEO Location module performance and may cause a 403 error.

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    Version 1.1.3

    • Compatible bug fix with latest version of PrestaShop

    Version 1.1.2

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements