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    Boost page speed, optimize server resource & improve SEO ranking with page cache and other caching technologies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP compression and system analytics

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    Below are the speed optimization technologies included in Page Cache Pro:

    Page cache

    Page cache significantly increases the speed of your website by storing all static content in HTML files. The HTML files are immediately displayed to website visitors whenever a page is queried.

    Page Cache Pro supports cronjob feature to help you automatically regenerate page cache for smoother user experience on the front office.

    Other caching technologies

    Along with page cache, this module also provides you other powerful caching technologies such as server cache, Smarty cache, browser cache, Memcached, etc. These caching technologies will help you optimize data processing time and therefore make your website faster than ever.

    HTML, JavaScript and CSS minification

    Page Cache Pro also helps to minify your PrestaShop website's HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code by removing repeated line breaks, white spaces, tabs, and other unnecessary characters.

    With smaller HTML, JavaScript and CSS file size, your online store will be loaded faster on visitors' web browser.

    GZIP compression

    GZIP compression feature can decrease the size of the data loaded to the visitor and speed up page loading time without sacrificing the image quality or other graphics.

    Improve SEO ranking

    This module is a great SEO optimization tool for your online store by improving your site speed. Google appreciates websites having quality and high loading speed, your website will more likely to appear on top position on the search result page. 

    Database optimization

    This module offers you the database optimization feature to save database space and reduce database access time. Your website speed will be considerably improved after using this feature.

    System analytics

    This module provides a system analytic tool to help you keep track of installed modules' performance and give you useful recommendations to further optimize your PrestaShop site's speed.Below are the speed optimization technologies included in Page Cache Pro:

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    1. Professional dashboard

    • Module’s dashboard helps you keep track of module’s activities.
    • You can use “Auto configuration” feature to set everything up in 1 click

    2. Page cache settings

    • You can enable/disable page cache, compress cache files into .ZIP files, automatically refresh caches using cronjob and count how many times a page cache is used.
    • You can add URL exceptions (URLs which will not be cached), select page to cache and adjust page cache lifetime, enable/disable cache for certain modules and hooks
    • You can also enter Live JavaScript - JavaScript code that you need to execute after non-cached contents are fully loaded

    3. Minification and other caches

    • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript in just 1-click
    • Option to enable/disable server cache and Smarty cache
    • You can enable/disable PrestaShop GZIP & browser cache, apply default settings for browser cache elements and GZIP cache or adjust lifetime for browser cache elements (images, icons, CSS, etc.)

    4. Database optimization and system analytics

    • Clean unnecessary data in PrestaShop database to improve your page loading time
    • Keep track of the performance of installed modules thanks to system analyzation tool
    • Extra checkpoints to make sure your front office has the fastest speed

    5. Other

    • Support multi-shop mode and multi-language
    • Quick access menu in back office

    Step 1: Download and install PrestaHero Connect

    Step 2: Reload your back office, then navigate to "PrestaHero > PrestaHero modules" and click on "Connect to PrestaHero" to connect your website with PrestaHero securely with your PrestaHero credentials.

    Step 3: Find the module you purchased (or free) modules and click "Install" or "Upgrade" to install the modules or upgrade your modules any time a new version is released.


    • Premium download: besides installing the modules using PrestaHero Connect, you can open "My account > My downloads" page at PrestaHero and download your purchased modules.
    • Free download: you can download the installation package directly on the module details page at PrestaHero.

    Version 2.2.9

    • Edit Copyright & author name
    • Update compatibility with "Create Element" module

    Version 2.2.8

    • Fix bug: does not create cache when customers logged in and added products to cart

    Version 2.2.7

    • Fix bug when deleting cache website does not update new code of "twing" file

    Version 2.2.6

    • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0.0

    Version 2.2.5

    • Update translation: German, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Russian

    Version 2.2.4

    New options:

    • Automatically delete page cache when editing page data
    • Automatically delete page cache when adding or deleting a product from a shopping cart

    Version 2.2.3

    • Fix CSS bug on PrestaShop

    Version 2.2.2

    • Update responsive feature for the main menu on the module configuration page

    Version 2.2.1

    • Fix cronjob
    • Split cache folder by ID to make website loads faster
    • Remove Auto-refresh cache option

    Version 2.1.9

    • Add Minify CSS option

    Version 2.1.8

    • Fix CSS bug when clearing cache
    • Optimize SQL query

    Version 2.1.6

    • Update browser image cache lifetime

    Version 2.1.4

    • Remove Gzip notification

    Version 2.1.3

    • Compatible with PrestaShop

    Version 2.1.2

    • Using front controller for cron tasks

    Version 1.0.1

    • Release version