Order Manager – Edit, delete, export, quick view & more

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  • Prestashop export module for rapid and easy exportation of order data to CSV, Excel or XML files.
  • Various customizable export fields (orders, customers, products, carriers, etc.)
  • Create and adjust unlimited export rules
  • Huge number of filtering options
  • Send export files via email
  • 3 month free support
  • 1 year free update
  • 15 days money back guaranteed
  • Quality verified by Prestahero

Category: Order Management

If you have to acquire some long-term insight on order patterns – perhaps because you need to combine your requests for tax assessment purposes or in light of the fact that you are attempting to dissect orders as an information set – you can easily do as such by sending out your orders into a CSV, Excel or XML record, which is normally opened and controlled in Microsoft Excel. With our Prestashop export orders moduleOrder Exporter PRO, you can change various settings during the export process so that you can exclude any information you don't find useful. Our module provides a simple way to back up your order history or transfer it to third-party accounting software – what a convenient tool for every Prestashop store owner!

Support common file types

Order exporter PRO can transfer your order data into CSV, Excel and XML files. These are popular data file types that are simple to manage.

Select what you want to export

  • You can pick out data fields suitable with your purpose (example: order Ref, order ID, order total, customer name, product name…) to export into CSV, Excel or XML files. Those fields are sortable so that you may organize your information segments in the final data export file.
  • Order exporter PRO also has an extensive variety of export options. You can select any type of condition to send out the necessary orders. For example: date options (this month, last month, this year, last year, date range), order status, export orders by customer, customer groups country, carrier, payment methods, order total, etc.

Set up an unlimited number of export rules

Our Prestashop export orders module enables you to make diverse export rules like “This month orders”, “Last month orders”, “Awaiting orders”, “Paid orders”… This is an extraordinary feature that you can just discover in Order exporter PRO. It gives you the chance of specifying order groups and effectively export the orders when you require or do the export automatically (through a cronjob).

Automatically send export files via email

If you want to receive a report regularly, this feature will allow you to schedule the export process and order export files will be automatically sent to your email inbox using a cronjob.

Easy installation and configuration Prestashop export orders module

While the module comes with various features, it's still easy to configure. It comes with extensive documentation, as well as lots of information on how to set it up. Not sure how to set it up yourself? We offer services to handle installation/configuration for you.

  • IE10+ / Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
Order Manager - User guide (2.13M)

Detail documentation of Order Manager module

1. Order management features

  • Edit order: this module allows you to modify every type of order information visible in PrestaShop back office with the live editor. You can edit order info on the order listing page or on order detail page.
  • Delete/restore order: you can move unnecessary orders to trash and then delete orders permanently or restore orders back to the order listing page.
  • Customizable order listing page: add more useful data fields (compared to default fields that PrestaShop offers) to display on the order listing page. You may select data fields to display and sort up data fields by dragging and dropping field names.
  • Support quick view popup on the order listing page.
  • Option to duplicate order and modify shipping method, customer shipping/invoice address and assign a new customer to new duplicated order.
  • Option to add an order note
  • Print multiple selected invoices/delivery slips in one click
  • Export selected orders to CSV on the order listing page.
  • Assign order management privileges for staff members: view/add/edit/delete orders.

2. Order exportation features

  • Export orders to CSV, Excel or XML file
  • Support multi-export rules
  • Options to export orders by date (this month, last month, this year, last year, time range), order status, export order by customer, customer group, country, carrier, payment method, manufacturer, supplier, category, specific product and order total.
  • Set up filename prefix, number of decimal digits
  • Sort exported orders by newest order, newest customer, order total
  • Download orders directly
  • Set up a scheduled cronjob to automatically export orders
  • Send exported orders via email: email title, email content, multi-receivers
  • Upload exported orders to a directory on the same server or use FTP to upload exported orders to another server

Step 1: Download the installation file from https://prestahero.com

Step 2: From your website back office, navigate to “Modules / Modules & Services”, click on “Upload a module / Select file”

Step 3: Select the module installation file from your computer then click on “Open” to install

You’re all done, enjoy our great module!