PrestaShop Social Locker module
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PrestaShop Social Locker module

Version: 1.0.4
Compatible avec: PrestaShop 1.6.x - 8.x
PrestaShop Social Locker module
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Prestashop Social Locker module
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Prestashop Social Locker module
Prestashop Social Locker module
Prestashop Social Locker module
Prestashop Social Locker module +2 More
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  • Drive social traffic to your website
  • Build up quality followers
  • Improve your website SEO ranking
  • Collect customer information
  • Quick install and easy to use
Numéro de licence ?
Chaque licence est valable pour un seul domaine. Si vous souhaitez installer ce module/thème sur plusieurs sites, veuillez acheter plusieurs licences.

4 strong reasons to use PrestaShop Social Locker module

While it is possible to get likes and shares through conventional methods, it is difficult because:

  • Users are not motivated to like or share your content. 90% of technical and commercial websites currently don’t receive traffic from social networks!
  • While social buttons are present on most websites, they are in visitor's "blind spot", much like ads are. People ignore them reflexively.
  • Even when people like your content, they may forget to “like” or “share” your content. They may not be aware that it matters to you.
  • If your content is valuable for your customers, why not ask them to support you directly? It's not hard to "like" your content, right?

Social Locker is a PrestaShop Social module that locks your most valuable site content behind a set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. In other words, it asks people to "pay" with a Tweet, Like, Share or +1 if they want access to your content.

What are your benefits?

Drive social traffic to your website

Social Locker is a simple tool that will systematically add viral traffic to any of your websites, any of your opt-in funnels or any of your sales-pages, 100% of the time.

Build up your quality followers

Followers are actually your customers who are really interested in your products and services. By installing Social Locker on your PrestaShop store, you will convert any visitor into follower on targeted social networks that play a vital role in modern marketing strategies today.

Collect visitor information

Social Locker offers a feature that allows you to ask visitor of your store to log into your website using their social network account before they can see your valuable content. Once they do that, the system will create an account for them on your website with their personal information (email, name, etc.). By this way, you can collect the visitor’s personal information and also convert the visitor into a customer account.

 Improve SEO performance

Google's search algorithm takes over 200 factors into consideration when determining which results to show for a search query and in what order. Social media is one of the most important factors in their algorithm and has a significant influence on how a site ranks in a search. With the help of PrestaShop Social Locker module, your social media performance will witness a dramatic increase.

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1. Like, share, tweet, G+1 or subscribe to YouTube channel to unlock content (support all major social network buttons)

Social Locker enables you to “lock” your valuable content behind a set up common social network buttons (like, share, tweet or YouTube subscription button), customer can only see the content until they like, share, tweet your website, your product pages, your social network pages, any URL you want or subscribe to your YouTube channel.

2. Sign in to unlock content

PrestaShop Social Locker module also supports the social network login button, visitor can only see the locked content until they have logged into your website using their social network account. The module will then create a normal customer account for the visitor on your website with account details (username and password) sent to their email address.

3. Awesome design

Social Locker comes with an attractive design including 6 locker layouts (locker themes) for your preference.

4. Social traffic statistics with professional analytic chart

Social Locker provides social traffic statistic feature where you can see your achievement of new likes, shares, tweets, G+1, YouTube subscriptions or new customer accounts generated by Social Locker in detail with a professional analytic chart.

5. Live back office editor

Social Locker allows you to preview your locker (the appearance of the social buttons set on the front end) directly in the back office.

6. Easy customizability

  • Custom locker title, message, locked content (support rich text editor).
  • 6 locker themes: Starter, Secrets, Great Attractor, Dark Force, Glass and Flat.
  • Highlight effect option
  • 3 locker modes: Full, Transparency and Blurring
  • Overlap position: Top, Middle and Scrolling.
  • Timer option: Automatically unlock the content after a certain time with a countdown clock
  • Option to allow customers to close the lock to see content
  • Google Analytics supported, the plugin will generate events for Google Analytics when the content is unlocked
  • "Show always" option: If on, the locker will appear always even if it was already unlocked.
  • Disable locker on mobile option
  • Show counters: Display counters for social buttons (Tweet Button doesn't have counters).
  • Use Ajax: By default, the plugin locks the content of an initial element. But you can also load content via Ajax.
  • Can schedule a locker for locking the content in a period of time only.
  • Display locker using hooks or shortcode (place shortcode into product description, CMS page or anywhere on your website to display social locker).
  • Excluded customer groups option: do not lock content for specific customer groups.

7. Multi-shop and multi-language

This module fully supports PrestaShop multi-shop mode as well as its multi-language standards. You can create particular content lockers for each shop and translate all the words you see in your languages.


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Vous êtes maintenant prêt à profiter de notre module !

* Remarque:

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  • Téléchargement gratuit : vous pouvez télécharger le package d'installation directement sur la page des détails du module sur PrestaHero.
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Version 1.0.4

Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1.6

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