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Prestashop 1.7.x, 8.x
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Create shipping cost rules by zone, country, zip code, customer group, size, weight, time periods, etc. Calculate shipping costs flexibly to encourage customers to buy more!

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Categories:  Shipping & Logistics PrestaShop modules

Shipping Cost Pro is a PrestaShop shipping cost module that allows you to create any shipping cost rules to incentivize customers as well as support the store with flexible shipping price rules.

Create any kind of shipping cost rule

Add any shipping cost rule you want to calculate flexible shipping fee for products by zone, country, customer group, weight, size, or promotions such as Free shipping, Free shipping for orders over $300, 30% off shipping from 2 or 3 items, or increase shipping fee if the actual shipping cost is much higher than the default.

Add as many conditions to the shipping cost rule as you want

  • Our PrestaShop shipping calculator module includes a variety of shipping cost conditions, and they are available in a list for you to choose from and add to the shipping cost rule: customer, delivery location, shopping cart, or other conditions.
  • You can choose how to combine shipping rule conditions: the order has to satisfy ONE or ALL conditions listed.

Promote shipping cost rules in various ways

  • Shipping Cost Pro module provides 4 ways to promote shipping rules on your store front office: display banner, popup, highlight bar notification, or notification message.
  • You can freely customize each shipping cost approach as well as the display position on the front end where they will appear.

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Shipping cost rules management

  • Create as many shipping cost rules as you want and set up common information for them such as shipping rule's name, description, priority, or carriers to apply.
  • Add unlimited conditions that apply to a shipping cost rule.
  • Conditional rules are provided by the module:

o Customer: customer group, customer membership, or specific customers.

o Delivery location: zone, country, state, or zip cost/postal cost.

o Shopping cart: cart amount or products in the cart.

o Specific occasions: specific hour(s), day(s), month(s), or a period.

  • Define how to combine shipping rule conditions: AND/OR

o AND: customer order must satisfy ALL conditions listed to apply shipping rule

o OR: customer order just needs to satisfy ONE among the conditions listed to apply shipping rule

  • Freely customize the action for each shipping cost rule and set up the effect of shipping cost rules on the default shipping fee:

o Increase default shipping cost.

o Decrease default shipping cost

o Replace default shipping cost

o Mark as "Free shipping".

  • Choose ways to promote shipping cost rules and customize the content displayed: display banner, popup, highlight bar notification, or notification message.
  • Create shipping promotions to encourage customers to buy more.


Track shipping cost rule activities on your store: rule status, number of customers/orders each shipping cost rules apply, etc.

Other features

  • Support multi-store mode
  • Support multiple languages

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Version 1.0.7

  • Fix bug for SQL queries

Version 1.0.6

  • Edit Copyright & author name
  • Fix bug when setting up "Supplier" condition

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed the issue of distinguishing uppercase and lowercase characters in "Condition" > "ZIP code/Postal code"

Version 1.0.4

  • Update compatibility with "Marketplace Builder" module

Version 1.0.3

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0.0

Version 1.0.2

  • Add option: How to combine shipping rule conditions: AND/OR

Version 1.0.1

  • Release version