Responsive PrestaShop newsletter popup

Prestashop 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 8.x
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    Responsive Prestashop newsletter popup module
    Responsive Prestashop newsletter popup module
    Responsive Prestashop newsletter popup module
    Responsive Prestashop newsletter popup module
    Responsive Prestashop newsletter popup module
    Responsive Prestashop newsletter popup module
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    • Fully responsive and customizable PrestaShop newsletter pop-up
    • Pre-defined templates which can be completely customized for your pop-up.
    • Let you target specific pages and display unique forms with unique offers
    • Automatically generate discount code
    • Custom pop-up delay time and pop-up lifetime
    • Various animation effects: pop-ups, fly-ins, zoom in, etc.
    • Export subscriber data in CSV format.
    • Automatically send verification and confirmation email to your customer
    • Smoothly work with Mailchimp and PrestaShop newsletter default system
    • Improve the subscription rate for your online shop
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    Creating an email subscriber list for your website is an essential task that everyone should undertake. An email list of subscribers is an effective way to keep in touch with your customers, and direct them back to your PrestaShop online store. No matter how new your website is, ensuring it is able to collect the email addresses of your visitors is something you should put in place today, and our PrestaShop newsletter module – Responsive Newsletter Popup will make this very easy to accomplish.

    An elegant approach to design PrestaShop newsletter

    Pop-ups are a good marketing tool, they’re impressively high converting. A website with a modal pop-up typically sees more conversions than the same page without one. With Responsive Newsletter Popup, you can customize the look and the functionality of newsletter form according to your needs.

    • Our module lets you build beautiful, professional pop-ups using a dedicated form editor. You can add shortcodes, custom color, custom CSS, custom images etc. for the customization of the PrestaShop newsletter pop-up interface.
    • There are 9 stunning templates and 6 different animation effects: pop-ups, fly-ins, zoom in, etc. to choose from. This allows you to craft a newsletter form that fits with your website’s style (or contrasts with it, should you prefer your forms to stand out).
    • It also supports page-level targeting. This means you can create pop-ups that are only displayed on targeted pages, letting you tailor your pop-up’s content to appeal to specific customers based on the content of the page.
    • You also have complete control over when the pop-ups are displayed to visitors — this could be the moment they hit your page, after a specified number of seconds, or hide it when customers browse your web via mobile devices.
    • We know that your PrestaShop newsletter pop-up needs to be readable and accessible from all devices. Responsive Newsletter Popup module is fully responsive and looks great all the way down to even the smallest mobile devices and the highest resolution screens.

    Powerful settings to tune the perfect customer experience

    Unlike other newsletter PrestaShop 1.6 free module, Responsive Newsletter Popup provides some specific customization features. They are available in the store back office for you and your staff as well as your customers in the front end to raise the user using experience.

    • Time options: To avoid your newsletter pop-up being too intrusive for your visitors, you can configure the perfect moment to display your forms. You may control many time aspects of the newsletter pop-up such as the display time, display duration and the frequency of duration.
    • Popup available date: You can set the time range for popup display to suitable with your online store marketing campaign.
    • Custom content: our module supports user-defined content and messages for the newsletter pop-up. You can include a free discount coupon code for your customers so there’s a bigger chance they’ll complete the order.
    • Automatically generate discount code: our PrestaShop newsletter popup module can help you create custom discount code which you may adjust its value, availability, prefix and description.
    • Support Thank you Message design tool: Prove to your customers that you have a professional and dedicated service by sending them a beautifully designed thank you message. Responsive Newsletter Popup enables you to fully customize its content using the color picker, custom logo, and custom CSS options provided.
    • Social network: Encourage your customers to share your store with the social icons placed on the pop-up. Insert the links to your social network pages on the module back office and here we done!
    • Export option: Our PrestaShop newsletter pro module lets you easily export its data to CSV files. This is also a great way to back up your store settings and data on a regular basis.

    Easily manage email system with our PrestaShop newsletter module

    Email is an important part of a subscription confirmation through a pop-up. A subscription confirmation email is your opportunity to make a strong first impression with subscribers. Understand its importance, Responsive Newsletter Popup supports sending automatic verification and confirmation email to your customer’s inbox. In addition, attached with every newsletter email is an unsubscribe link. Your customer can easily stop receiving your store offers with a one-click unsubscribing.

    Synchronization with default PrestaShop newsletter system

    By default, PrestaShop provides your store a default newsletter system. After installing Responsive Newsletter Popup to add powerful emailing functionality to your website, you can still synchronize all the data to the default system.

    • The subscription email addresses of the customers are saved to the default PrestaShop subscription table.
    • Our newsletter pop-up module also allows you to centralize the customer database.
    • All the default newsletter pop-up features are available with the module to be used alongside the new features.

    Synchronization with Mailchimp

    With millions of customers, Mailchimp puts your data to work so you can gather insights on your most successful campaigns and get personalized advice for your next move. Improve your business marketing by synching your PrestaShop store subscriber list with your Mailchimp account. Just add an API key and you’re ready to go.

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    • 9+pre-defined PrestaShop newsletter popup templates
    • Fully synchronized with default PrestaShop newsletter system
    • Support synchronization with Mailchimp
    • 100% fully responsive PrestaShop newsletter popup module
    • Adding voucher codes easily with custom HTML content
    • Automatically generate discount code
    • Ajax submission without reloading the page
    • "Do not show this again" feature for customers
    • Multiple popup display animation types (Zoom in, swing, Bounce-in-down, Fade in, Fade in down, Tada etc.)
    • Popup preview popup template design before publishing
    • Popup lifetime: The time the popup will be displayed to a customer, how long it will display and the frequency of the display
    • Custom popup delay time (display newsletter popup to customers after a period of time)
    • Customizable popup available date
    • Custom color with color picker
    • "Thank you" message for subscription
    • Verification email and confirmation email
    • “Verification” feature with verification URL via email
    • "Unsubscribe" feature with unsubscribe URL via email
    • Detailed subscriber list
    • Export subscriber list to .CSV file
    • Custom logo for the popup
    • Custom images and background
    • Auto-hide newsletter popup
    • Option to hide popup on mobile devices
    • Custom CSS editor
    • Press “ESC” key to hide popup

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    Version 2.1.5

    • Module improvements

    Version 2.1.4

    • Add Spanish translation

    Version 2.1.3

    • Optimize SQL queries

    Version 2.1.2

    • Update cronjob feature
    • New option for "Discounts" tab: Exclude discounted products
    • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0.0

    Version 2.1.1

    • Module improvements

    Version 2.1.0

    • Compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop

    Version 2.0.9

    • Compatible with PrestaShop