WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration tool

Prestashop 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x
    WooCommerce to Prestashop migration tool
    WooCommerce to Prestashop migration tool
    WooCommerce to Prestashop migration tool
    WooCommerce to Prestashop migration tool
    WooCommerce to Prestashop migration tool
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    89,99 €
    • Migrate everything from WooCommerce to PrestaShop online store
    • Unlimited migration for various data types: products, categories, customer data, orders, taxes, shipping methods, etc.
    • Safety ensure with “Secure access token”
    • Keep your customer password
    • Track the status of the migration and see the details of migrated data with migration history
    • Quick and easy setup
    • No technical skill required
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    Categoria:  Aggiornamento e migrazione dei dati

    Both Woocommerce and PrestaShop are considered the leaders on the market. These shopping carts have much to offer and have own drawbacks. Migrating Woocommerce to PrestaShop might indeed enhance your store, give it new robust functionality and raise the e-commerce management on the new level. We've created a Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migration module that will help you transfer your data from Woocommerce website to the new PrestaShop store in a few clicks. No more worries about complicated and difficult processes, with Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator, everything will be simple and easy!

    Why should you choose Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator?

    Easy to use and fast speed

    Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator is very simple to use, anyone can perform the migration in a few clicks without any programming knowledge. In addition, the entire process will only cost you about 10 minutes and less if your server has a high speed.

    Transfer your entire store

    Even if your online store has thousands of product and a huge number of related data, our Woocommerce to PrestaShop migration module still can migrate everything from Woocommerce to PrestaShop and left nothing behind! Not only products, categories, customer data and orders, Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator will also hand over taxes, shipping methods & shipping prices, currency, countries, states, WordPress pages (to PrestaShop CMS pages), WordPress posts (to PrestaShop CMS pages), SEO settings, etc.

    Safety ensured

    The export and migration process are totally secured with “Secure access token” as well as security checks during the course. We guarantee that you never lose your data to any third party organization when using Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator.

    Saving your customer passwords

    Our module supports export password from your old Woocommerce and import to the new PrestaShop store. With different algorithm, users passwords in most of different platforms have to be stored in other encryption way. But don’t be worry, Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator ensures to keep all your user's passwords after migration. Your customers can log into your new PrestaShop store with their secure password that they used to log in your Woocommerce website. Their shopping experience will not be affected.


    • Although we recommend you to upgrade to the latest PrestaShop version, you can still use this module to migrate/transfer your Woocommerce/WordPress data to any PrestaShop website (any version of PrestaShop) perfectly. The module has been carefully tested and it’s guaranteed to be highly compatible with all major PrestaShop versions (PrestaShop 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7.x).
    • Have a look at the detail migration process in module’s documentation.

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    Woocommerce to PrestaShop Migrator supports these following types of data to migrate:


    • Basic product information: name, status, description, product ID, etc.
    • General: Regular price, sales price, discounts with scheduled time
    • Inventory: SKU (converted into product reference used in PrestaShop), stock quantity
    • Shipping: weight, length, width, height, shipping classes (converted into carriers used in PrestaShop).
    • Linked products: Cross-sells and upsells are converted into accessory products used in PrestaShop.
    • Product attributes
    • Product taxes
    • SEO settings: Meta title and friendly product URL
    • Product images: the main image and thumbnail images.


    • Name
    • Slug
    • Parent category (structure)
    • Description
    • Category image


    • Basic customer information: first name, last name, email
    • Customer address information including billing address and shipping address with full address details: first name, last name, phone, company, address 1, address 2, city, postal code/zip, state, country.


    • General order information: order ID (converted into order reference used in PrestaShop), creation date, order status, order total.
    • Billing and shipping addresses: Full details of addresses such as first name, last name, company, phone, address 1, address 2, state, country, etc.
    • Product list: a detailed list of all products that customers purchased with product name, attributes, quantity, product price, total cost, etc.
    • Customer notes when making their order.


    • All shipping methods in Woocommerce site are perfectly converted into PrestaShop carriers with the same shipping prices and shippable zones.
    • Shipping carriers are also properly associated with orders as on Woocommerce website


    Woocommerce coupons are converted into PrestaShop cart rules with the same discount, coupon code, validity date, etc.


    All WordPress pages, posts and post categories are converted into PrestaShop CMS pages and CMS categories.


    This module will migrate all SEO data (Meta title, meta keywords, meta descriptions, friendly URL) from the 3 most common SEO plugins: Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack and The SEO Framework on your Woocommerce website to PrestaShop.


    • Country
    • State
    • Currency
    • Zones

    Migration options

    • Option to connect migrated products with existing manufacturers
    • Option to connect migrated products with existing suppliers
    • Option to clean-up PrestaShop website before migration
    • Option to keep database table IDs
    • Option to keep customer passwords or regenerate customer passwords (a password file with all the new passwords can be downloaded at the end of migration)

    Migration history

    All migrations are saved in the migration history tab. Here you can track the status of the migration and see its details of migrated data. You can resume or restart the migration if any problems occur (rarely) during the migration.

    Clean-up feature allows you to clear all migration history (or selected migrations by time range).

    Passaggio 1: scarica e installa PrestaHero Connect: https://prestahero.com/it/145-prestahero-connect.html

    Passaggio 2: ricarica il tuo back office, quindi vai a "PrestaHero > Moduli PrestaHero" e fai clic su "Connetti a PrestaHero" per connettere il tuo sito web a PrestaHero in modo sicuro con le tue credenziali PrestaHero.

    Passaggio 3: trova il modulo che hai acquistato (o gratuito) e fai clic su "Installa" o "Aggiorna" per installare i moduli o aggiornare i moduli ogni volta che viene rilasciata una nuova versione.

    Ora sei pronto per goderti il nostro ottimo modulo!

    * Nota: oltre a installare i moduli/temi acquistati utilizzando PrestaHero Connect, puoi anche scaricare i moduli/temi qui: https://prestahero.com/it/mydownloads e installarli sul tuo sito web come normali moduli PrestaShop utilizzando il gestore moduli PrestaShop (o gestore del tema). Basta andare su "Moduli > Gestione moduli" (o "Design > Tema e logo") quindi caricare e installare i moduli/temi scaricati.

    Version 1.2.4

    • Fix minor bug of connector module