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A free PrestaShop sort products order module that automatically sorts products displayed on the front office by trending grades based on sales, ratings, download, or specific priority.

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Your online store has a large selection of items, and being a wises online store owner, you definitely realize that the order of product's display on the homepage is extremely important and directly affects business results. Each shop owner will have their own business plans and strategies, so they all want to arrange the display order of products to achieve their sales goals.

PrestaShop displays products in the default sort order that the admin arranges in the back office. This sort of order is fixed. However, depending on your demands, you may want to prioritize presenting other items first, such as best-selling products, products with the best ratings, and so on.

Sort By Trending is a free PrestaShop sort products module that will help you solve this problem. It allows you to quickly highlight the featured or high-rated products on your store by displaying these items first. It also enables potential clients to find the items they want to purchase quickly and easily.

What can “Sort By Trending” do for you?

  • Sort the product display orders based on the trending grade: All products will be calculated with trending grades to display on your store homepage. The items with higher trending grades will be prioritized to be displayed first.
  • Trending grade is calculated bases on 4 factors: sale factor, rating factor, download factor, and priority factor. The importance of each factor is expressed through weights. The module allows you to change the weight of the factors when calculating the trending score.
  • Automatically calculated trending grade using cronjob feature.

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  • Sort the product display orders on the product listing page based on the trending grade.
  • Calculating trending grade based on 4 trending grade factors: sale factor, rating factor, download factor, and priority factor.
  • Allowing store owners to set up weights for each trending grade factor.
  • Allowing store owners to set up the trending period to get data for calculating trending grades.
  • Cronjob feature to calculate trending grade automatically.
  • Manually changing the order of product display by dragging and dropping products from the product listing page.
  • Support multi-store mode.


Rating score only can be calculated if your website is installed with the PrestaShop "Product Comments" module, or you have installed other modules that allow customers to rate products.

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* Nota:

  • Download premium: oltre a installare i moduli tramite PrestaHero Connect, puoi aprire la pagina "Il mio account > I miei download" su PrestaHero e scaricare i moduli acquistati.
  • Download gratuito: puoi scaricare il pacchetto di installazione direttamente nella pagina dei dettagli del modulo su PrestaHero.

Version 1.1.3

  • Fix bug when selecting to sort products by sale factor

Version 1.1.2

  • Fix cronjob bug, edit some text

Version 1.1.1

  • Add option to ignore sale factor for free products