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    Free Automated PrestaShop translation module based on Google Translate API, DeepL, ChatGPT, Bing/Azure, Libre, Lecto & Yandex. Translate products, categories, CMS, blog, reviews/rating, metadata, themes, modules, front & back office, emails, and core files.

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    ************* TRANSLATE YOUR STORE FOR FREE! *************

    To be clear, we will not charge any extra fees after you purchased our G-Translate module and you absolutely do not have to pay any extra fees for translation service providers if you use their free translation plans. In addition, you can choose other translation packages with cheap prices and an unlimited number of characters if the amount of content to be translated is larger than their free plan’s character limitation.

    For example:

    • Bing/Azure Translator offers 2.000.000 characters for free every month.
    • Google Translate API offers 500.000 characters for free every month.
    • DeepL API offers 500.000 characters for free every month.

    (*) Tip: With our module, you can use all the 3 translation APIs and get a total of 3.000.000 characters for free every month!

    What can be translated?

    G-Translate doesn’t only allow you to translate basic types of content such as products, product combinations and features, categories, CMS pages, etc. as other modules you may find on the marketplace, it’s also a unique PrestaShop translation module allows you to translate themes, modules, front office, back office, emails, top menu, footer menu, slider, blog posts, customer reviews, even core files and many more!

    User-friendly interface

    G-Translate is the unique PrestaShop translation module on the marketplace that provides a user-friendly interface. The "translate" icon/button appears in every position next to the text editor, making G-Translate seamless with PrestaShop in terms of interface. This feature allows you to easily translate your entire site into 100+ languages worldwide.

    Integrated with all popular translation APIs

    Our module is integrated with the most popular translation APIs: Google Translate API, DeepL API, Bing API, Libre API, Lecto API, Yandex API and ChatGPT. Once you install G-Translate to your website and configured it with the translation API key you want, you can start translating your website.

    Powerful translation capacity

    G-Translate offers field translate (translate every single text field), item translate (translate an item such as a product, a category, a theme, a module, etc.), bulk translate (translate multiple items) and 1-Click translate (Translate entire website content in 1-click, fix missing translations).

    ChatGPT-based translation and content generator (NEW)

    Prepare to be amazed by the groundbreaking power of ChatGPT! It's not just a tool—it's a mind-blowing innovation that has revolutionized the way we generate and translate content. Once integrated, you'll witness the sheer magic of automated content generation and translation. The impact is simply undeniable, leaving the world in awe of its extraordinary effects.

    By integrating ChatGPT into the G-Translate module, store owners can now communicate with the language model directly and get accurate translations for product descriptions and summaries. Say goodbye to manual translation work and hello to the future of automated translation with G-Translate and ChatGPT integration!

    With ChatGPT integration, G-Translate also includes a prompt creation and saving feature. With this feature, store admin can save time when creating product content by pre-defining prompts that can be used repeatedly. This is especially useful for websites with a large number of products that require consistent and structured content.

    Better SEO, better conversion rate, and more customers

    By providing accurate translations based on popular translation APIs, G-Translate helps customers understand your website as well as your products better, they stay on your website longer and improve your conversion rate.

    G-Translate is also optimized for SEO, our module will translate all metadata (meta title, meta description, etc.) and automatically generate friendly URLs after translating page content. With the best content for every language available on your website, you have the capacity to go to the top of Google result pages on all of the languages.

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    G-Translate is integrated with the following translation services:

    • Google Translate
    • DeepL
    • Bing/Azure Translation
    • Yandex Translate
    • Libre Translate
    • Lecto Translate
    • ChatGPT

    G-Translate allows you to translate everything you see on your website including:

    • Products
    • Product combinations and features
    • Product categories
    • CMS pages and categories
    • Front office
    • Back office
    • Themes (templates)
    • Modules (including custom modules)
    • Emails (including core emails and module emails)
    • Customer reviews (from our Trusted Reviews module)
    • Default PrestaShop mega menu and Mega Menu Pro
    • Blog posts (from our BLOG module)
    • Support ticket (from our “Live chat, Contact form and Ticketing system” module)
    • Home slider
    • Footer links
    • Manufacturers (brands)
    • Suppliers
    • Static pages (home page, login page, my account page, etc.)
    • SEO data (Meta title, meta description, friendly URL and keywords)
    • Core files (you can even translate all text written in core files of PrestaShop)
    • And many more!

    G-Translate offers 4 translation methods to help you translate your website content easily.

    • Field translate (translate every single text field)
    • Item translate (translate an item such as a product, a category, a theme, a module, etc.)
    • Bulk translate (translate multiple items)
    • 1-Click translate (Translate entire website content in 1-click, fix missing translations).

    Other helpful features:

    • Integrated with ChatGPT to generate product content
    • Option to analyze the translation before translating
    • Add excluded words (or phrases) that you don’t want to translate
    • Add fixed translation for some special words
    • Append contextual words to improve translations: add contextual words to help Google understands the context of the translation better and return smarter translation result
    • Automatically generate friendly URLs after translating all fields
    • Translation log available
    • Support multi-shop mode

    Step 1: Download and install PrestaHero Connecthttps://prestahero.com/en/145-prestahero-connect.html

    Step 2: Reload your back office, then navigate to "PrestaHero > PrestaHero modules" and click on "Connect to PrestaHero" to connect your website with PrestaHero securely with your PrestaHero credentials.

    Step 3: Find the module you purchased (or free) modules and click "Install" or "Upgrade" to install the modules or upgrade your modules any time a new version is released.


    • Premium download: besides installing the modules using PrestaHero Connect, you can open "My account > My downloads" page at PrestaHero and download your purchased modules.
    • Free download: you can download the installation package directly on the module details page at PrestaHero.

    Version 1.2.5

    • New translate API: Libre, Lecto, Yandex
    • New feature: integrated with ChatGPT to generate product content

    Version 1.2.2

    • New feature: Automatically check translation API key when saving configuration

      Version 1.1.9

      • Minor improvements

      Version 1.1.7

      • New translate API: Bing Translator and DeepL
      • Update translation for module interface: German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Russian and Slovak

      Version 1.1.5

      • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0.0
      • Update German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian translation

      Version 1.1.2

      • Minor improvements

      Version 1.1.1

      • Update Slovak and Czech translation
      • Allow translating custom fields on the product edit page (generated by "Custom Fields & Tabs On Product Page" module)

      Version 1.1.0

      • Compatible bug fixes with "SEO Audit" module

      Version 1.0.9

      • Translate tickets from "Live Chat, Contact Form And Ticketing System" module

      Version 1.0.7

      • Add option to generate friendly URL when translating the title

      Version 1.0.6

      • Add option to ignore product name when translating
      • Add option to ignore product name if it appear in content