Abandoned Cart Reminder: Auto Email & Remarketing
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Abandoned Cart Reminder: Auto Email & Remarketing

Version: 4.7.6
Compatible with: PrestaShop 1.6.x - 8.x
Abandoned Cart Reminder: Auto Email & Remarketing
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Introduce Prestashop abandoned cart module
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Introduce Prestashop abandoned cart module
Prestashop abandoned cart module supports 7 types of reminders
Mail services integrated in Prestashop abandoned cart module.
Introduce auto email system in Prestashop abandoned cart module +22 More

Increase sales conversion rate by 50% (PROVEN) with our must-have PrestaShop abandoned cart reminder module, auto email and remarketing tool to recover your lost shopping carts and retain existing customers.

Number of license ?
Each license is valid for only one domain. If you want to install this module/theme on multiple sites, please purchase multiple licenses.
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Let’s discover how Abandoned Cart Reminder: Auto Email & Remarketing will improve your conversion rate and increase your sales by 50% by exploring its awesome features:


1. All-in-one automation PrestaShop abandoned cart module and auto email tool

Abandoned Cart Reminder: Auto Email & Remarketing provides all the tools you need to reduce your website’s cart abandonment and increase your conversion rate including abandoned cart email reminder, popup reminder, highlight bar (on-site cart notification), web push notification, leaving website popup (retargeting on-site popup) and browser tab notification (cart impression).

Email automation is a powerful marketing automation tool that lets you send emails to your customers and prospects automatically, based on a schedule, or triggers that you defined. This auto email tool is extremely effective for lead nurturing, and ultimately, driving sales from potential customers as well as existing ones.

With our PrestaShop cart reminder module, you can create unlimited marketing/reminder campaigns easily based on your need and your own algorithms, for instance:

  • Campaign 1: Auto email to customers who registered and left some items in their cart:

+ Rule 1: For the cart with a total order value is more than 200$: send a reminder email after 1 day with a voucher code of 20% to encourage customers to return and complete their purchase (voucher code is available for 5 days).

+ Rule 2: For the cart with a total order value is less than 200$: send a reminder email after 1 day with a voucher code of 10% to encourage customers to return and complete their purchase (voucher code is available for 3 days).

  • Campaign 2: Display highlights bar reminder: After 10 minutes since a shopping cart became abandoned, the highlight bar will be displayed on your website to attract customers’ attention with a voucher code of 10%.
  • Campaign 3: Display leaving website reminder: When customers tend to leave the website (move the mouse closer to the exit/close button of the web browser), a notification will be displayed with a voucher of 5% to remind customers to complete their order before leaving.
  • Campaign 4: Auto email to new customers after their registration: send a welcome email after 1 day with a voucher code of 5% and free shipping for their first order (available for 2 days) if they have not made a purchase yet.


2. Campaign-based management and conversion tracking

This abandoned cart reminder module comes with the flexibility to create an unlimited number of marketing campaigns to attract your target customers through special offers, discounts, notifications, etc. It’s also easy to track your marketing campaign results such as conversion rate, carts recovered, emails sent, emails opened by the customer, link clicks, etc.


3. Mail service integration

Abandoned Cart Reminder: Auto Email & Remarketing is fully integrated with famous email marketing services such as SendGrid, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), Mailjet, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, PrestaShop's mail, and regular SMTP services of your server.


4. Powerful automation feature

Our PrestaShop cart reminder module comes with a comprehensive cronjob feature that enables you to automatically send emails for existing reminder campaigns. For example, send reminder emails after a customer adds products to a shopping cart, after a customer registers an account, or after a customer subscribes to the newsletter, etc.

You only need to set up reminder campaigns once and this module will automatically send emails to customers. Saving your precious time while your customers still are taken care of according to the correct procedure.

Moreover, you can save failed emails to the mail queue to automatically send them by cronjob next time. This will help you resend the error email within the allowed time.


5. Lead generation marketing

A lead is generated when a person provides contact details in exchange for an offer such as a coupon, or a piece of content. A lead form is an online form used to help businesses generate quality leads. Leads can then be tackled by your sales team, and quickly converted into paying customers!

Using our PrestaShop abandoned cart module, you can add unlimited lead forms, customize them, and display them in your PrestaShop online store to capture emails and other information about potential customers.

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- Reminder campaigns :

  • Abandoned cart email reminder: send cart reminders to customers via email automatically (using cronjob), report the number of reminder emails that were read.
  • Auto email tool: automatically send custom reminder emails or newsletters to customers following your predefined triggers.
  • Popup reminder: attract customers to complete their order by displaying a prompt popup with attractive content (offering discounts, free shipping…)
  • Highlight bar reminder: can be set with all similar parameters as email reminder and popup reminder such as discount, frequency, custom content, etc.
  • Web push notification: displaying a cart reminder under the form of web browser notification
  • Browser tab notification: display the number of current products in customer’s cart on the web browser tab
  • Leaving website reminder (Exit-Intent popup): display a popup notification when customers are going to leave your website


- For each reminder campaign, you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of reminders using pre-made template or custom template
  • Detailed statistic data for the whole campaign: email statistics, number of read emails, recovered carts statistics, display times, etc.
  • Specify customers who will receive the reminder by minimum/maximum cart total, customer group, and country.
  • Set up the frequency to send/display reminders, add discount code (fix code or auto-generated code) and customize reminder template.
  • Use pre-made shortcodes (customer info, discount, product list, etc.) on email/popup/highlight bar/web push notification

List of abandoned carts allows you to keep track of abandoned carts, view reminder log and send abandoned cart reminder emails manually.

- Complete list of all converted (recovered) carts and their information.

- Create unlimited email templates for reminder emails besides 16 premade templates.

- Track all notification and reminder activities with Campaign tracking and display the number of reminder email that has been read. 

- Create unlimited lead generation forms to help your online store generates quality leads and converts them into paying customers.


- Other features :

  • Detailed statistic Dashboard provides helpful information and status of reminder campaigns, abandoned carts, converted carts, etc.
  • Select and configure a mail service that will be used to send reminder emails: PrestaShop’s mail, Hotmail, Google mail, Yahoo mail, Send Grid, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), Mailjet, custom SMTP
  • Configure cronjob to automatically send reminder emails.
  • Allow customers to save their shopping carts.

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Change log

Version 4.7.6

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop Enterprise

Version 4.7.5

  • Module improvement
  • Update compatibility with "Product Reviews" module by PrestaHero

Version 4.7.4

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1.6
  • Module improvements

Version 4.7.3

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1.5
  • Module improvements

Version 4.7.2

  • Update htaccess file when running Apache 2.4

Version 4.7.1

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1.4

Version 4.7.0

  • Add an option to calculate the email conversion rate
  • Change the extension of images embedded in emails to .png
  • Add statistical pie charts for email delivery rate, email open rate, and link click rate in the Dashboard tab and statistics page for each email campaign
  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1.4

Version 4.6.9

New option:

  • Available URL shortcodes for reminder template
  • Remove the shop logo attachment file when sending an abandoned cart reminder email

Version 4.6.7

  • Module improvements

Version 4.6.6

  • New option: Allow store admin to write note for abandoned shopping carts

Version 4.6.5

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1.2
  • New feature: add sequence number for reminders in the "Automated abandoned cart emails" campaign
  • Module improvements

Version 4.6.4

  • Module improvement
  • Update "Edit reminder" popup

Version 4.6.2

  • Module improvements

Version 4.5.8

New feature:

  • Add unsubscribed customers from the backend
  • Conversion percentage statistic
  • Update the statistic for "Generated discount codes" and "Campaign tracking"

Version 4.5.6

  • Module improvements

Version 4.5.5

  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1

Version 4.5.4

  • Module improvements

Version 4.5.2

  • Email template update: "Go to checkout" and "Go to shop" buttons support the following style elements: color | font | background | border | padding | margin | hover-color | hover-background

Version 4.4.9

  • Module improvements

Version 4.4.6

  • Update translation: German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, and Russian

Version 4.4.5

  • Optimize SQL queries

Version 4.4.3

  • Update email sending feature
  • New option: Send bulk reminders
  • New option: Delete a specific email on the mail queue
  • Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0.0

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