Wholesale B2B

Prestashop 1.6.x, 1.7.x
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    Turn PrestaShop into a professional wholesale platform, wholesale registration, wholesale levels with particular discounts and rewards, loyalty rewards, quick order table, and more!

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    Category:  B2B business

    Wholesale B2B is the must-have module for any PrestaShop store that is doing wholesale. It is a simple, easy-to-use PrestaShop wholesale module that lets you focus on growing the business and attracting more wholesale customers!

    Wholesale registration

    Customers register to become wholesale customers, once their application is approved, they can start to make orders as wholesale customers and taking benefits of wholesale price and wholesale loyalty rewards.

    Private shop

    You can set your PrestaShop store as a “private shop” – only allow registered wholesale customers to access and purchase products on your “private shop”.

    Wholesale B2B enables you to set private status for the entire PrestaShop store or set private status for selected categories only.

    Multiple wholesale levels with customizable discounts

    Wholesale B2B module offers wholesale discounts on your selected categories and products, with multiple pricing levels based on the level of wholesale customer. For example:

    • Level 1: discount rate – 5%, minimum order amount – 100$;
    • Level 2: discount rate – 15%, minimum order amount – 500$;
    • Level 3: discount rate – 25%, minimum order amount – 2500$;
    • etc.

    Using Wholesale B2B, you can easily create and configure different wholesale levels with specific discount rates. The wholesale customer will be automatically updated to a higher level when they reach a threshold amount of order.

    Reward points (loyalty program for wholesale customer)

    Encourage wholesale customers to purchase more by giving them rewards every time they make an order. These rewards can be used to pay for their next orders, convert them into vouchers, or withdraw to their bank account.

    Easily buy products with large quantity

    Our PrestaShop wholesale module provides quick order table to help wholesale customers quickly complete orders with a large quantity of products.

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    WholesaleB2B_UserGuide_EN (3.34M)

    Documentation for Wholesale B2B module - English version

    WholesaleB2B_UserGuide_IT (3.18M)

    Documentation for Wholesale B2B module - Italian version

    WholesaleB2B_UserGuide_FR (3.14M)

    Documentation for Wholesale B2B module - French version

    WholesaleB2B_UserGuide_ES (3.09M)

    Documentation for Wholesale B2B module - Spanish version

    • Wholesale registration (register to become wholesale customers)
    • Discounted prices for wholesale customers based on their wholesale level
    • Wholesale levels (More orders, cheaper price, and more rewards!)
    • Sell to both wholesale customers and retail customers with particular pricing for each type of customer.
    • Quick order table: easily buy products in large quantity
    • Loyalty rewards: earn loyalty reward when making an order; loyalty rewards can be used to pay for the next order, convert into vouchers, or withdraw to bank account.
    • Private shop: Private shop only allows registered wholesale customers to access and purchase wholesale products. You can set private status for the entire store or set private status for selected categories/products only
    • Statistics dashboard: useful information about reward status, reward usage, etc. for both customer and admin
    • Documentation: upload useful resources (documentation) for wholesale customer
    • Promotion: promote specific products to wholesale customers under their wholesale profile area for successful sales.
    • An entirely separate front office area for wholesale customers to manage their profile, rewards, documentation, vouchers, withdrawal requests, and many more.
    • Wholesale order management tool: Manage wholesale orders easily through the back office.
    • Admin can create an unlimited number of withdrawal methods with custom fields.
    • And many more useful features!

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    Version 1.1.1

    • Fix cronjob

    Version 1.0.9

    • Fix bug when changing password

    Version 1.0.8

    • Compatible bug fix with latest version of PrestaShop

    Version 1.0.7

    • Translated the module to French, Italian, Spanish