BLOG – All in 1 PrestaShop blog module

Prestashop 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 8.x
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    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
    BLOG – All in 1 Prestashop blog module
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    The most trusted professional PrestaShop blog module, best traffic module award, best performance, easy-to-use, and feature-rich! BLOGa WordPress alternative – is an all-in-one PrestaShop blog module for your website.

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    It is undeniable that PrestaShop is convenient and effective, but there is a problem – you can only introduce and sell your products, reviewing or having a thorough analysis of them is impossible. To address this issue, we present to you BLOG - a PrestaShop smart blog module that helps you easily create and manage the articles to meet the requirements above.

    Everything you need to build a professional blog for your PrestaShop store

    • BLOG includes all the major features of a blog such as blog posts, blog categories, blog comments, stunning image gallery, image slider, featured posts, post author, and many more. The module back office is completely done with jQuery Ajax to reduce the number of page reloads when working with the backend and really easy to work with.
    • To increase the customer interaction with the blog when reading blog posts, we equipped BLOG with a detailed comment system. Your customers and even guest users can leave a comment, like, or rate a blog post. Don’t worry about safety problems! BLOG will send a notification email to you every time a customer or a guest makes comments or rate your articles. Captcha security is also supported to make sure your blog comments are always real and not spam.

    Integrated with ChatGPT – automatically generate content

    We integrate ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, into our powerful blogging solution. This innovative feature empowers administrators to effortlessly create compelling blog content by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

    With ChatGPT at your fingertips, crafting engaging titles, short descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, and blog post content becomes a seamless and efficient process. Say goodbye to writer's block and welcome an era of inspired and captivating blog posts. Elevate your blogging experience with the PrestaShop blog module's new ChatGPT integration, and unlock a world of endless creative possibilities.

    The BLOG module offers a time-saving prompt creation feature, empowering store admins to pre-define prompts to use for titles, content, and descriptions. No more repetitive tasks and streamline your blog creation process. With this feature, you can save valuable time and focus on crafting compelling content that drives engagement.

    Modern and attractive design PrestaShop blog

    • Comes with 4 page templates professionally designed with the latest design trends, BLOG makes sure you will have an eye-catching PrestaShop blog. Not only provides an image slider with attractive animation effects, but it also allows you to set up a gallery page for your website. This photo gallery can be exhibited in different places: main page, sidebar, and so on.
    • BLOG is a responsive blog module, we ensure that your blog pages will display perfectly on all devices with different screen sizes.
    • Blog with the feature of creating a table of contents for the post to help readers grasp the main content of a post and navigate to that position easily. In addition, with the floating button, you can easily open the table of content at any time.

    Unique features you can’t find on other PrestaShop blog module

    Are you looking for some collaborators to be in charge of blog writing without interfering in your website management? Or maybe you just want to encourage your customers to contribute review articles and product introductions? With BLOG, you can set up a group of customers to become blog authors and give them certain privileges. Unlike other free PrestaShop blog modules, BLOG allows you to export all your blog content in one click. What a convenient way to back up your blog data. Moreover, you can easily import all the content into your blog in one click soon after the PrestaShop blog integration with your website. Our module also enables you to transfer data from WordPress and this process can be done within a click – totally simple for everyone.

    Accomplished supports to help you boost your store development

    • Let’s improve your PrestaShop SEO score and reputation on search engines with SEO optimize options. From friendly URL to Meta materials and RSS feed, BLOG is one of the best solutions to increase traffic to your online store.
    • RSS feed, Google sitemap supported.
    • Powerful comment system, allow Facebook comment box.
    • Detailed statistic tool: views, likes, comments chart, views, and likes log.
    • BLOG fully works with PrestaShop multi-shop mode: you can create separate blog posts, blog categories, etc. for each shop. In addition, our module is completely integrated with the default PrestaShop multi-language feature. Sections of the front end are available in all the major languages such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. You can easily translate everything from the back office to a language of preference.
    • If your store is based in countries with right–to–left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syrian, etc., our module already had the solution for this. We carefully built the front end of BLOG to fully support RTL languages.
    • And finally, this module is compatible with different versions of PrestaShop, custom themes and we also guarantee that BLOG can work perfectly with other custom modules after PrestaShop blog integration.

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    1. General features

    • Blog posts
    • Set blog post status: published, pending, draft/unpublished, schedule publish date
    • ChatGPT integration: support creating titles, descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, and content for blog posts.
    • Offers a time-saving prompt creation feature; allows store admins to pre-define prompts to use when creating titles, content, and descriptions.
    • Blog categories
    • Blog comments / likes / ratings / view number
    • Table of content for blog post: fixed table on the top of blog post and floating “Table of content” button.
    • Slider
    • Photo gallery
    • Post author (with author roles)
    • Author status: active, suspended, suspended, and hide posts
    • Blog tags
    • Blog search
    • Latest posts, popular posts (most viewed), related posts
    • Related products
    • Related posts on the product detail page and product category page
    • Display blog posts and photo gallery on the homepage or sidebar
    • Drag and drop to sort blocks on the homepage and sidebar
    • Support image Captcha and reCAPTCHA v2 and v3 for blog posts
    • 1 click to import/export (support import from WordPress)
    • The BLOG module also allows you to import all the content from the Simple Blog module (a free PrestaShop blog module from PrestaHero).
    • 4+ blog page layout (list, grid, large box – list, large box – grid)
    • Custom color with color picker
    • Detailed notification email settings
    • Statistics chart and views log, like logs
    • Backend is implemented with jQuery Ajax for quick/effective management
    • Multi-language / RTL supported

    2. SEO optimization

    • Friendly URL
    • URL customization for all blog pages (post, category, author, gallery, search, tag…)
    • Remove blog post and category ID on URL
    • Display/hide URL suffix
    • Meta title, meta description, meta keywords
    • Google snippet (structured data)
    • HTML tags are optimized for SEO
    • Social networks
    • RSS feed
    • Google sitemap

    3. Comments, likes, ratings, and polls

    • Facebook comments or default comment system
    • Social network sharing buttons
    • Blog poll with captcha security
    • Allow/disallow customers to leave comments
    • Captcha security for comment
    • Guest comments supported
    • Auto approve comments
    • Approve/unapproved comments via backend
    • Allow/disallow customers to rate/like a blog post
    • Allow/disallow anyone to report a comment as “abused”
    • Email notification: send emails to store admin, post authors, and customers/users when there is an event occurred. Store admin can view and edit notification email templates

    4. Image slider

    • Carousel slider on the main blog page
    • Easily add/edit/delete a slide
    • Custom slider image caption
    • Custom slider speed
    • Autoplay slider: on/off

    5. Photo gallery

    • Professional photo gallery page with SEO optimization
    • Beautiful photo lightbox when clicking on a photo
    • 6+ photo light box design
    • Autoplay photo gallery
    • Custom photo gallery slideshow speed
    • Photo gallery block supported (display photo gallery on the sidebar or main page)
    • Custom photo sizes
    • Custom number of photos displayed per page
    • Pagination

    6. General configuration

    • General configuration
    • SEO configuration
    • PrestaShop Blog post configuration
    • Image gallery configuration
    • Image slider configuration
    • Preset image size customization
    • Likes & comments configuration
    • Email configuration
    • Socials configuration
    • Sidebar configuration
    • Home page configuration
    • Post listing pages configuration
    • Post detail page configuration
    • Product category page configuration
    • Product detail page configuration

    Step 1: Download and install PrestaHero Connect

    Step 2: Reload your back office, then navigate to "PrestaHero > PrestaHero modules" and click on "Connect to PrestaHero" to connect your website with PrestaHero securely with your PrestaHero credentials.

    Step 3: Find the module you purchased (or free) modules and click "Install" or "Upgrade" to install the modules or upgrade your modules any time a new version is released.


    • Premium download: besides installing the modules using PrestaHero Connect, you can open "My account > My downloads" page at PrestaHero and download your purchased modules.
    • Free download: you can download the installation package directly on the module details page at PrestaHero.

    Version 4.4.7

    New feature: integrated with ChatGPT to generate Blog post content

    Version 4.4.5

    New feature: support importing data from "Simple Blog" free module

    Version 4.4.4

    Module improvements

    Version 4.4.1

    • New option: select related products by Categories for a blog post
    • Update compatibility with "SEO Audit" module

    Version 4.4.0

    Optimize SQL queries

    Version 3.3.8

    Update compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0.