Hide out of stock products in PrestaShop automatically – Free PrestaShop module

PrestaShop 1.6.x, 1.7.x
    Hide out of stock products in Prestashop automatically – Free Prestashop module
    Hide out of stock products in Prestashop automatically – Free Prestashop module
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    Is your PrestaShop store running successfully, giving you a desirable income? Having good sales in your business is great news. But have you handled all the problems that occur in your website that can drop your sales percentage little by little. A common problem is back orders, it happens when a customer buys out of stock products on your website. Our Product status update is a free PrestaShop module that helps you to hide out of stock products in PrestaShop automatically.

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    Everyone’s ultimate goal in having an online business is to have good sales and gain a high profit. If you are a business owner and has worked hard to reach this level, it’s great news. But sometimes, small defects in your website can make your business look bad and reduce the customer appeal towards it. One such instance is the inability to hide out of stock products in PrestaShop store and this cause a lot of trouble for your business. Sometimes your products may go out of stock which is unavoidable for a business with large sales. And you may not have the chance to bring back a new stock of products as soon as the previous stock is finished. So when a customer places an order from your online store they may have ordered one or two out of stock products as well. But since the products are not available, their order will not be what they expected to receive. This can create a lot of issues, misunderstandings and finally the result of the customer losing faith in your business. What do you do to avoid this? Visit the website backend constantly and manually disable products when they are out of stock? Although this is possible to be done for a small business, it can’t be done for a huge business since the number of products can be hundreds and thousands and you may have no idea when the products go out of stock. This is where PrestaShop product status update module comes in.

    Disable all out of stock products automatically

    Hide out of stock products in Prestashop automatically With the product status update module integrated into your store, when a customer places and order and checks out, the PrestaShop module will automatically check the quantity of the products that were ordered. And if the stock has reached zero, the module will automatically disable the product and the product will not be further displayed on the store until a new stock is added. This module is ideal for shop owners who don’t want to have back orders due to out of products and mess up their accounts and business. Since the module can hide out of stock products in PrestaShop without the shop owner’s involvement, it saves a lot of time.

    Easy integration, strongly compatible and easy to use

    This PrestaShop module is compatible with all the PrestaShop websites of versions 1.5 and 1.6. And the easy one-click installation makes it one of the best modules that reduces the hassle shop owners has to go through. Just downloading and enabling the module is all you have to do to get it to work and no further settings or actions are required. Download this completely free PrestaShop product status update module today itself to avoid back orders and from letting your customers order unavailable products. It will be one of the best steps you take towards the success of your business.

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    Hide out of stock - User guide (495.72k)

    Documentation of Product out of stock module

    Lorsqu'un client passe une commande et passe une commande, le module "Hide out of stock products" vérifie automatiquement la quantité des produits commandés. Et si le nombre de produits a atteint zéro, le module désactivera automatiquement le produit et le produit ne sera plus affiché sur le magasin jusqu'à ce qu'un nouvel produit soit ajouté.

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    Vous êtes maintenant prêt à profiter de notre module !

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