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Our Module Development Process

At ETS, we continuously research, apply new technologies and perfect the development process
to bring users the best and most powerful PrestaShop modules.


The first step is to understand the technical requirements of a module. As we move on from the planning phase, some questions about the specifics around this module need to have an answer, such as:
- What problem does this module solve?
- Who’s going to use it and why?
- What sort of data input/output is needed?
etc. Once our development team gets the answers to these questions, they can start to scope out technical requirements, testing terms, and decide on a technology stack.


With the requirements in place, it’s time to start designing what this module will look like and how it will function. This stage helps our team validate ideas and get valuable feedback before we commit our ideas to code.


With everyone onboard with the module's proposed functionality and design, it’s time to build it according to the requirements. This phase is obviously the hardest and potentially riskiest stage of the module development process. However, the goal here is to stick to the scope of work, avoid scope creep, and build a clean, efficient module.


As our team is developing the module, we’ll most likely be simultaneously testing, tracking, and fixing bugs. While testing could be another long stage of the module developing process, it’s important to make sure we’re not shipping buggy module to our users.
The "Testing" and "Coding" steps will be repeated until we make sure the module works smoothly and is ready for deployment.


With the heavy lifting (and coding) out of the way, it’s time to launch the finished module to all of our users. You can discover our modules on this PrestaHero website, both free and premium modules.
At this stage, we also provide the technical support service for all users who encountered a problem while using our module.
All precious ratings and feedbacks are taken into our consideration, in order to fix the problem and improve module performance.

Are you using a module by ETS-Soft? Give us your feedback!

Reviews help us not only improve our modules and services but also to let others know that we care about delivering the best quality. If you are using our modules, please take a few minutes and leave us a review in "Reviews" tab of each product


Requirements and user needs are always evolving. And as people begin to use our module, they’ll undoubtedly find bugs, request new features, and ask for more or different functionality. (Not to mention the basic upkeep and maintenance of our module to ensure uptime and user satisfaction.)
All of these requests will flow back into our task list so they can be prioritized and updated on the next versions.

And that is all!

We have been building our PrestaShop modules by applying this development process for every product. We ensure that you will get the best experience when using our PrestaShop modules.