Awesome URL – Remove IDs (numbers) in URL

PrestaShop 1.6.x, 1.7.x
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Remove IDs (numbers) in URL, auto redirect old URLs (with ID) to new URLs (without ID), customizable, extremely stable, works with other modules with URL re-matching algorithm and less overrides.

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Category:  SEO - search engine optimization

Customers and search engines should be able to understand what is on your web page just by looking at the URL. SEO-friendly URLs help customers navigate around your site and make your site easier to share with social networks. With Awesome URL, you will have everything you need to create SEO-friendly URLs!

Optimize and remove IDs (number) from URLs

Our Awesome URL module offers a powerful URL optimization tool that enables you to remove IDs (number) from URLs for every page, for example, product pages, category pages, CMS pages, brand page, etc.

You can also customize page URL for each type of page on your store according to your needs.

In addition, this module also offers auto-redirect feature that automatically redirect all old URLs (with ID) to new relevant URLs (without ID) to maintain your SEO rankings and backlinks.

Awesome URL is integrated with URL re-matching algorithm and less overrides to help it become more stable and compatible with any other custom modules or custom URLs on your PrestaShop store.

Create unlimited number of custom URL redirections

You use URL redirects when you’re moving content around and you want the content to keep its value. Awesome URL helps you create custom URL redirections with 301, 302 & 303 redirections to maintain your SEO ranking and backlinks.

Check for duplicate URLs

Awesome URL helps you check and detect all duplicate URLs on your site to prevent penalties from search engines. From the check result, you can decide how to solve these duplicate URLs and improve your SEO score.

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  • Remove IDs (numbers) in URLs
  • Automatically redirect all old URLs to new URLs
  • Customizable URL schema
  • Works with other modules including custom modules such as BLOG, Professional blog, Abandoned cart reminder, etc.
  • URL re-matching algorithm and less overrides to help module become more stable and improve website performance
  • Allow to create an unlimited number of custom URL redirections for broken URLs. Support 301, 302, 303 redirect
  • Check and detect duplicate URLs
  • Support multi-shop mode and multi-language

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