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SEO - search engine optimization

Optimize your store’s visibility on search engines!

To get traffic to your store, it is essential to let it be seen. For this, the solution is to be amongst the first results on search engines. Fortunately, the modules that make it easier for your store to be indexed will save you precious time: filling in SEO tags, internal linking, the sitemap, etc. Everything is ready to give your store the visibility it deserves!

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Introduce PrestaShop speed optimization module

Super Speed - Incredibly fast - WebP, Cache & SEO

€111.99 -20%

Maximize page speed, Google PageSpeed optimization, WebP & TinyPNG image compressor, and improve SEO. Page cache optimization, database optimization, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP, and more!

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Introduce "SEO Audit" - a Prestashop SEO module including everything for SEO

SEO Audit - SEO Analytics, Pretty URL, Image & Sitemap

€127.99 -20%

Hit Google top #1 with best SEO practices in 2024! SEO Analytics, Pretty URL, Sitemap, Auto Image ALT, meta title, meta description, Google Snippet, RSS & social network optimization. Also integrated with ChatGPT for generating SEO content.

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Awesome URL – Pretty URL, SEO URL, Remove IDs

Awesome URL – Pretty URL, SEO URL, Remove IDs

€71.99 -20%

Remove IDs/numbers in URLs to make SEO friendly URLs (Pretty URL) for product, category, CMS, manufacturer and other pages. Automatically 301 redirects old URLs to prevent 404 errors, enhancing site visibility.

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Introduce PrestaShop page cache module

Page Cache Pro - Page Speed & SEO optimization

€95.99 -20%

Boost page speed, optimize server resources & improve SEO ranking with page cache and other caching technologies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP compression & system analytics. Page Cache Pro guarantees to make your website faster than ever!

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Introduce PrestaShop sitemap module

Google Sitemap: Auto XML, SEO & Image sitemap

€71.99 -20%

Dynamic PrestaShop XML sitemap for Google and other search engines. No cronjob requirements and easy to customize. Enable to handle large sitemap with millions of products and perfect for SEO!

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