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PrestaShop 1.6.x, 1.7.x
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    • Help your customer easily send you questions regarding your products and services.
    • Help your customers understand your product and services.
    • Avoid having to answer the same questions daily via emails sent by customers
    • Compatible with custom themes
    • Quick install and easy to use

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    Categoria:  FAQ (Domande Frequenti)

    A good online store is one that answers all the possible questions, doubts and fears before the visitor even realizes them. However, if any question appears, you should be ready to provide the answers. FAQ module helps you save a lot of time by creating a professional FAQ page (and also FAQ tab on product page) where you can list all the repeated questions with respective answers.

    Let’s discover how great FAQ module is and why it helps you in improving quality of your customer service.

    Proficient FAQ page and FAQ tab on product page

    As stated above, FAQ module is a 2 IN 1 PrestaShop FAQ module, it allows you to create both FAQ page and FAQ tab on product details page.

    • FAQ page: FAQ module enables you to quickly create a professional and attractive FAQ page with a list of pre-made questions & answers. The questions & answers are grouped into sections with open/close boxes will help customer browses the question & answer list easily to find out the information they’re looking for.
    • FAQ tab on product page: you can select all questions & answers related to a product and put them particularly on the product details page. This will help your customer understand your products and encourage them to buy!

    “Ask a question” form

    FAQ module enables customer to send questions to your email via a question form on the FAQ page. This is useful for the customer if they can’t find the information they want from your FAQ page with pre-made questions & answers.

    You can answer your customer questions via email when they’re sent to you or reply them directly via a reply form from your back office. You can also mark the questions as frequently asked questions to display them on your FAQ page.

    FAQ module provides CAPTCHA security feature which ensures the “ask a question” form from spam questions created by auto-fill robots.

    Easy management

    Module backend is implemented with jQuery Ajax to avoid page reloads when working with backend. This helps you save time when add, edit, delete or sort questions & answers.

    FAQ module is the unique PrestaShop FAQ module which provides visual backend editor. Questions & answers are organized visually as how they’re displayed on frontend, this feature is very useful because it helps you quickly see the result of your backend work.

    Question & answer categorize: This feature helps you arrange your questions & answers. This will help you manage the questions & answers easier when they become huge! It also helps customer easier in browsing through the questions & answers on frontend.

    SEO and optimization

    FAQ module offers you a capacity of making custom friendly URL for your FAQ page. This is the most important factor that will improve your SEO rank on Google or any other search engines.

    • Metadata supported: FAQ module is the best PrestaShop FAQ module which provides meta-data for SEO purposes. It supports custom meta title, meta description and meta keywords
    • HTML optimized: FAQ module is optimized with SEO on all HTML tags, it’s checked to make sure your FAQ page as well as product FAQ tab is completely friendly with SEO

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    General features

    • Create FAQ page
    • Create FAQ tab on product page
    • Categorize frequently asked questions
    • Open/close content of answers on frontend
    • Option to open all answers by default on FAQ page

    Question form

    • FAQ PRO provides “Ask a question form” allowing your customers send any questions to you easily
    • Send question via email
    • Save questions at backend
    • Reply a question via backend
    • CAPTCHA security
    • Custom form title and description
    • Custom receiver email
    • “Ask a question” button on product page (product question)
    • Option to enable/disable “ask a question” form on FAQ page
    • Option to enable/disable “ask a question” button on product page
    • Option to enable/disable CAPTCHA security code


    • Ajax backend
    • Option to add, edit delete questions using Ajax (no page reloads)
    • Option to add, edit delete question groups using Ajax
    • Option to sort questions and group using Ajax

    SEO optimization

    • Friendly URL
    • Custom meta title
    • Custom meta keywords
    • Custom meta description
    • HTML is optimized for SEO

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