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Prestashop 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x
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    • Flexible and user friendly interface PrestaShop chat module
    • Excellent performance, allow you to chat with more than 1000 customers stably at the same time with minimum server resource
    • Protect your store from spam and attackers with multi security layers implemented
    • Huge numbers of exclusive features for PrestaShop live chat such as visual interface editor, online status, message delivery status, etc.
    • Google Map and free GEO IP service
    • Support PrestaShop multi-store mode
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    Category:  Support & Online chat

    When a customer browses through your website, they may have a question or there is some product information they can’t find. Phone, email, or even social media are often used, but there isn’t any guarantee that the answers will come quickly. So when a customer has a question, they typically want the answer right away. Our modern PrestaShop chat moduleLIVE CHAT lets you provide support, in real time, to visitors of your site. It stores all customer data about the visitor, including ongoing conversations, so you and your staff have everything necessary to offer the customers with a seamless support experience.

    Satisfy your customers with live chat for PrestaShop

    • Live Chat helps you get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction.
    • See how good you’re getting at customer service: Customers can rate your staff for their support in 5 levels (terrible, acceptable, fairly good, good and excellent). Get a grade at the end of each chat and constantly improve the quality of your support.
    • Live chat for PrestaShop does what the heavy lifting phone and email can’t handle: Get rid of long queues and surprise customers with instant answers.

    Clean and easy to use PrestaShop chat module

    You won’t have to spend ages learning how to use Live Chat. Our module is clean, clutter-free and easy to pick up. It is also carefully optimized for different screen sizes display.

    For your customers:

    • PrestaShop online chat is always available for your clients. Customers can start a conversation anytime when surfing your website via a beautiful chat box.
    • “2 step to start chat” feature is supported. This helps simplify customer chat box at the first screen when they start chatting, they’re only required to enter a single message to start the chat.

    For you and your staff:

    • Side conversation list and multi-chat boxes are available on any page in back office. You can easily chat with many customers at the same time while still doing your other work.
    • All useful features are integrated directly on chat boxes, allows operator easily control the chat with any customer while chatting with them.

    Outstanding performance

    Live Chat only occupies a small amount of server resource as well as web browser memory. Its priority is the most active chats first. Therefore, chat sessions in which both customer and operator are active will have more resource and communication speed. Our PrestaShop live chat module also has custom timing options (refresh speed, timeout duration to automatically end chat). You can select the one suitable with your server configuration.

    Secure like a bank vault

    Live Chat will protect your store from spam and attackers with multi-security layers. Pick an appropriate security method for your live chat and all your chat content will be secured. Our module additionally gives Captcha protection layer to your PrestaShop online chat. It can be empowered in particular circumstances to maintain a smooth performance for your chat session. Captcha can automatically active if the system detects spam actions from your customers.

    Special features you can’t find anywhere else

    • Visual interface editor: you can adjust how the chat box will be displayed on customer’s device depend on your online status. Live Chat offers a real-time preview so you will see the changes directly without navigating to store frontend.
    • Online statuses: our module supports 4 different online statuses (online, busy, invisible, offline). It allows you to set a default status which customer will see on the frontend (similar to common chat platforms such as Yahoo, Skype, Facebook…)
    • Message delivery status: With Live Chat, you can view the delivery status of every message that has been submitted via our module. There are 4 delivery status for each message: Sent, Delivered, Seen and Writing.
    • Chatbot (Auto-reply) and pre-made messages: The chance of losing a customer is instantly reduced by replying through an automated Chatbot. You can prepare a set of answers which will be automatically replied to the customer in a pre-defined order. This improves your customer satisfaction and helps you rank highly in your sector.
    • Notification: This PrestaShop chat support module will remind you and your customer with a sound notification when new messages delivered. If you’re offline, Live Chat can send messages to your email inbox. We make sure that you won’t miss any important request from your customer!

    For a more detail feature list of Live Chat, please refer to the Features tab.

    Google Map and free GEO IP service

    If you want to track down your customer’s location, their IP addresses or type of web browser they’re using when chatting, our module offers map feature based on Google map and free GEO IP services to help you. Remember to obtain a Google API key and paste it into this module configuration page to activate this feature.

    Support multi-store mode

    One of the great features of PrestaShop is called "multi-store", meaning the ability to manage multiple shops from the same back office. Live Chat allows you to enable live chat for PrestaShop on all your online stores. This is a simple, yet very effective, recipe for improving both customer service and loyalty.

    chat Reviews (22)
    • 2-in-1 customer support service module for PrestaShop: provides both live chat and ticketing system.
    • Excellent performance, enable you to chat with 1000+ customers stably at the same time with minimum server resource requirements.
    • User-friendly interface, smooth chat on mobile devices
    • Highest security layers implemented: auto-protection against spam, CAPTCHA and IP blacklist
    • Easily manage your online store departments and staff. The staff can transfer their support conversation to related departments and decline the waiting time of customers
    • A large number of exclusive features such as visual interface editor, multi online statuses (online, offline, busy, invisible), social login, Chatbot (auto-reply) & premade messages, display message sending status (Sent, Delivered, Seen, Writing), custom chat fields, rate support chat & ticket, chat history (for both customer and shop operator) and many more!
    • Detailed statistic charts and helpful information on the dashboard
    • Multi-shop and multi-language supported

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