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    Fully managed reviews, ratings & FAQ system to make your product reviews editable, multi-languages and easy to manage. Support Google snippet, review reminders, photos, comments, like/dislike, discount and more!

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    Categoria:  Recensioni clienti

    Gain customer’s trust with real product reviews & FAQ

    "Trusted Reviews" module encourages your customers to purchase products by showing product ratings, reviews, feedback photos/videos, and relevant FAQs in multiple languages

    Managing product reviews & FAQ at ease

    You can quickly view, approve, reply, edit, like/dislike and translate the product reviews and FAQs from customers and visitors. 

    Besides, you can assign specific customers to become your staff and allow them to manage product reviews, FAQs.

    Display customer review on Google snippet

    Trusted Reviews” module can improve your website visibility on search result pages and boost click-through rate by showing review ratings on Google snippet (Google search results).

    Synchronize with “Product Comments” module

    Quickly transfer the data of “Product Comments” module (the native PrestaShop customer review module) to our “Trusted Reviews” module to preserve all old product reviews on your store.

    Review reminders & discount

    You can earn more positive reviews by sending an email to invite customers to rate their purchased products and giving a voucher to customers when they successfully submit a review

    Review and FAQ activities

    Keep track of every customer activity related to product reviews and FAQs. Get a notification when there is new activity needs your approval (new review, question, answer, etc.).

    Automated notification email system

    Trusted Reviews" module automatically sends notification emails to both store admin and customers when an event occurred. It also offers a mail tracking feature, enables you to keep track of the emails sent to customers.

    Easy for customization 

    You can customize the product reviews & FAQ area on front office so that it blends out with the current theme. Our module works well with any themes (even the custom ones) and 100% responsive.

    Import/export reviews with 1-click

    It will only take you a second to export and import all your product review data for back up or transfer purpose.

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    2-in-1 product reviews and FAQ (question and answer) system;

    Easy to manage reviews and FAQs: View, approve, reply, edit, like/dislike, delete, report and translate reviews/FAQs;

    Support multiple languages for each review/FAQ;

    Comment, reply on reviews or FAQ;

    Support reCAPTCHA (v2 and v3) for comment form;

    Assign customers to become store’s staff and manage reviews/FAQ;

    Show product rating on Google snippet search results;

    Synchronize with the native “Product Comments” module by PrestaShop;

    Send review reminder email to customers;

    Give a voucher to customers after they submitting a review;

    Keep track of customers/visitors activities related to product reviews and FAQs;

    Get notification when there is new activity need your approval (new review, question, answer, etc.);

    Automatically send notification emails to store admin and customers via cronjob;

    Customize email templates for notification email and review reminder email;

    Add the review criteria for the customers with application scope;

    Easy for customization, display perfectly on any device;

    1-click to import/export all review data;

    Support multi-store mode;

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    Version 1.0.4

    • Translation bug fix
    • Correct discount code
    • Other minor update

    Version 1.0.3

    • Release version